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Campus by the Sea Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of UCSB


El Gaucho, May 4, 1962
El Gaucho, September 21, 1962
El Gaucho, October 10, 1968

UC Santa Barbara continued to expand under the leadership of Vernon Cheadle, who served as Chancellor from 1962-1977. Cheadle’s tenure saw the end of the University’s home economics program, and the beginning of more research-focused academic programs.

Home Economics Brochure cover
Vernon Cheadle Letter - Strengthen the Department of Home Economics
Vernon and Mary Cheadle
School of Engineering - Opening Announcement
Home Economics Closure: Memo from Vernon Cheadle
This note, dated October 18, 1968 indicates the Office of the President's decision to phase out UC Santa Barbara's Department of Home Economics.

Throughout most of the 1960s, UCSB had a somewhat politically conservative reputation. Late in the decade, however, the campus became a hotbed of anti-Vietnam activism and other counter-cultural protests. These protests culminated in the Isla Vista riots and the burning of the Bank of America building on February 25, 1970.