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Campus by the Sea Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of UCSB


The Chumash and UCSB

The beautifully landscaped campus students now call UCSB has passed through many hands over the centuries. The Chumash tribe originally lived on the land, and according to documentation from the Santa Barbara Museum Historical Society, even had permanent settlements near Cheadle Hall and the 217 entrance to UCSB (Crecelius, Lauren. “Mine Shafts Below UCSB.” Daily Nexus 10/31/07)

"Santa Barbara State College was accepted by the Board of Regents of the University of California"

Santa Barbara College became part of the University of California during the height of World War II, a reality that was evident in the school’s low enrollment, as many students and faculty had joined the war effort.

Initially located near Mission Santa Barbara in the city’s Riviera neighborhood, Santa Barbara College was envisioned as a small liberal arts school meant to complement the larger research campuses at Berkeley and Los Angeles.

Santa Barbara College - Riviera Campus

Santa Barbara College - Riviera Campus

In the late 1940’s, the Regents purchased UC Santa Barbara’s current site in Goleta, a former Marine base, from the War Department for $10. Several years later, in the Fall of 1954, with a total enrollment of 1,883 students, Santa Barbara College relocated to its new home.

"On February 17, 1948 an Advisory Board drawn from the Building and Campus Development Committee and composed of Russell Buchanan, Theodore Harder, and Duane Muncy had recommended to Provost Harold J. Williams the advisability of developing the former Marine Air Base in Goleta rather that the Mesa site, which was quite limited in acreage.

The picture was taken on Thursday, February 19, 1948 and shows the 'representative faculty members' referred to in the telegram.