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Disability Culture in the UCSB Archives


This exhibition was a class project completed by students from Jesse Miller's Winter 2020 “Disability Aesthetics" (ENGL 170DA). In Conjunction with the exhibition, UCSB Library will host "Disability Culture and Activism: UCSB and Beyond".

List of student work featured in this exhibition:

  • Michelle Chen
  • Adrian Cubas
  • Dezarn, Emma
  • Owen Fellows
  • Sydney Fry
  • Yazmin Garcia
  • Isabella "Bella" Kaufman
  • Haley Leifheit
  • Sabrina Lopes
  • Vicky Lopez
  • Candice "Candi" Macabuhay
  • Sophia Madlangsakay
  • Ideitd Mendez Zepeda
  • Ben Montiel
  • Zilia Nguyen
  • Olivia Olson
  • Ruben Padilla
  • Yasmine Rodriguez
  • Denise Tai
  • Ally Wilson
  • Kristi Wong
  • Shirley Zhao
  • Shanna Killeen