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Disability Culture in the UCSB Archives

Committee for the Rights of the Disabled (Los Angeles, CA)

This Committee was founded and funded in part by the OEO (the Office of Economic Opportunity), which was formed under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, but its pursuits were split amongst other departments in 1973, when the featured Newsletter laments the loss of funding by OEO as a result of the dismantling. Its pursuits included an effort to “eliminate the paradox of poverty… by opening to everyone the opportunity for education and training, the opportunity to work, and the opportunity to live in decency and dignity”.

Alicia Escalante

Alicia Escalante was a devout activist, whose work was focused on helping underprivileged families of Latin descent. Her practices involved creating groups for social development, protesting unfair practices, and her pursuits led her to fame as well as jail time. Escalante’s work was focused on that of underprivileged Latin families and underserved women of Latin descent, and not that of disabled individuals. However, the CRD Newsletters are found in her archives, and represent passionately the spirit of her life’s work: towards equality for all.

Text by Candy Macabuhay

CRD Newsletters

The CRD newsletters addressed relevant information regarding membership, meetings, local events, local resources, and important changes in federal, state, and county policies. The February issue from 1972 includes announcements on changes in General Relief, information on welfare, and an announcement for a conference on the Social Security Amendments of 1972. The newsletter highlights the efforts of the organization to work with other local organizations to address concerns related to poverty.

Text by Shanna Killeen