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Eunice Foote to UCSB A Story of Women, Science and Climate Change

Eunice Foote to UC Santa Barbara

Many faculty and researchers at UCSB work on issues related to climate change. They include those working most purely in climate science itself to those applying climate science to understand the dynamics of -and threats to -natural and human systems. The eight faculty profiled here represent some of the woman at UCSB making fundamental contributions to climate science that reflect the spirit of Foote’s own contributions.

Leila Carvalho, Professor, Geography
Research Focus: Monsoon systems and mechanisms causing extreme precipitation. Currently investigating extreme fire weather conditions in mountains in Santa Barbara
Vena Chu, Assistant Professor, Geography
Research Focus: Arctic climate change and impacts on hydrology, particularly for the Greenland ice sheet.

"Eunice Foote's story documents the under-appreciated fact that women have made fundamental contributions to climate science from before its conception as a field.”

– Anna Trugman, Professor, UCSB Department of Geography
Summer Gray, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Program
Research Focus: Climate change and Environmental Justice, especially the unintended consequences of coastal development and adaptation
Deborah Iglesias-Rodriguez, Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology
Research Focus: Identifying mechanisms controlling plankton calcification under rising carbon dioxide and ocean acidification scenarios.
Lorraine Lisiecki, Associate Professor, Earth Science
Research Focus: Paleoclimate, particularly ice age climate dynamics.
Samantha Stevenson, Assistant Professor, Bren School
Research Focus: Climate variability in the tropical Pacific from the last millennium to the 21st century and beyond, in an effort to understand the impacts on drought-prone regions around the world.

“Climate science remains a very male-dominated science even today, meaning that it has been hard to find examples of female role models. I teach the introductory climate/Earth system science course at the Bren School, and try to emphasize that we've understood the basics of the CO2 impact on climate for a LONG time.Having Eunice Foote's story to tell will give me the chance to make this point while also demonstrating how long women have been making important contributions to climate science.”

– Samantha Stevenson, Assistant Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management
Naomi Tague, Professor, Bren School
Research Focus: Using eco informatics to explore how landscapes evolve and respond to pressures such as climate change
Ann Trugman, Professor, Geography
Research Focus: How forest ecosystems respond to human-induced climate change