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Helmets of the First World War Battle,Technology, and Culture

Exhibition Credits

This exhibition is curated from artifacts loaned by John Blankenship (UCSB Class of 1965) and the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation, and from photographs and postcards in the UCSB Library's Special Research Collections, by Professor John W.I. Lee and his research assistant Sydney Martin.

This exhibition, a collaboration between UCSB Library and Professor John Lee (History) was on exhibit at UCSB Library from January 8, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

Share your knowledge! If you have more information about any of the items in this exhibition, please contact Professor Lee


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Research Assistant Sydney Martin and Professor John W.I. Lee in the Library Special Research Collections

In this photo Sydney Martin is showing how she has matched post-war photo cards of the battlefield of Ypres to actual locations on the wartime map of the city of Ypres.