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Nuestras Américas An Exploration of Expressive Cultures in Latina and Latino America

Feminist Interventions

In East Los Angeles, Chicanos had created their own punk rock scene during the 1970s. While much of this scene was dominated by men, a few notable Chicanas emerged to the forefront.

Las Tres
Las Tres "La Clave" Lyrics
La Tres Performing

Teresa Covarrubias from the Brat, Alicia Armendariz from The Bags, and Angela Vogel from the Odd Squad together formed the prolific Chicana feminist folk band4 Las Tres. Their iconic songs like “Misogyny,” “Happy Accident” and “La Clave” challenge masculinist perceptions and narratives, and reflect a Chicana feminist experience and consciousness.

Chola Laura

Infamously known as the female Menudo, Cholita was an LGBTQ+ inclusive punk-pop rock band made up by Vaginal Crème Davis, Alicia Armendariz, Greg Hernandez, and Lisa Perry. The first band to be conceived in LA’s beloved Troy Café, Cholita’s musical performances went beyond just singing and playing musical instruments. Their makeup, costumes and animated spirits challenged the traditional gender binary of female.

Troy Cafe
Boca de Sandia

Boca de Sandia was a band started by teenagers who frequently watched bands play at Troy Café. Comprising this ensemble were Nicole Presley, Ruben Gomez, Roberto Guerrero, and E. Anthony Martinez. Boca de Sandia harmonized a variety of musical genres with a strong Latino sound. They played in several venues across Los Angeles.

From the Sean Carrillo Papers. Special Research Collections, UCSB Library.