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Shadow and Light

Karem Mohsen (#240)


Karem Mohsen: PhD and lecturer at Department of Agriculture, College of Agronomy, Basra University. Killed 10 April 2006. He worked in the field of honeybee production. Lecturers and students called for a demonstration to protest for his assassination.

Artist Statement

And your Lord inspired the Bee.

So says the Quran,

a hadith by the Prophet Mohammed.

There comes forth from their bellies

a drink of varying colour

wherein is a healing for men.

Verily, in this is indeed

a sign for people who think.

Bees are venerated in this hadith.

Diligence, sacrifice, knowledge,

an example for humankind,

the importance of collective.

Insects, animals, plants, people,

at once, related, dependent, endangered,

creatures of the Quran,

creatures of God.

Karem Mohsen, PhD, Basra, Iraq,

professor of the honeybee.

Always, always in the service of bees

tending his hives in solitude, in prayer.

For this, targeted, assassinated

10 April 2006.

Fellow lecturers and students rise up,

demonstrate, protest, honor. Anguish.

Again and again, academics, erased,

intimidated for lighting the interconnected nature of life

itself, of knowledge and truth,

of shadow and light.

A sign for people who think.

Laura Russell