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Shadow and Light

Majed Nasser Hussein al-Maamoori (#22)


Mayid Naser Husien Al-Ma'amoori: Professor of Veterinary Science at University of Baghdad. Assassinated 17 February 2007.

Artist Statement

I chose to commemorate Professor Dr Al-Ma'amoori for this reason. When our son was a teenager he answered an advertisement to do gardening jobs for a retired professor of veterinary science who became a mentor to him then and an ongoing inspiration for his work now as a veterinary research scientist.

"Look at the moon", my grandfather wrote from the war in Europe to his family in Australia, and they back to him, "When it's on this side of the world I'll watch it and think of you".

I am humbled and privileged by the chance to offer this photograph. I have not been able to discover what age Dr Al-Ma'amoori reached, what was his specialty or how many students he inspired. Nor his personality, his delights and his regrets. Approaching my own 70fh birthday I look at the moon above an Australian seaside town. I imagine its passage over his homeland and I think of his family and others who knew him and survived and are there or scattered elsewhere under the moon, perhaps describing him to a new generation.

Peter Annand, Australia