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Shadow and Light

Salah Abdelaziz Hashim (#251)


Salah Abdelaziz Hashim: PhD and lecturer in fine arts at the Technical Institute of Basra. Kidnapped in 4 April 2006. He was found shot dead the next day. According to other sources, Dr. Hashim was machine-gunned from a vehicle, injuring also a number of students.

Artist Statement

To manifest my intention to honour Salah Abdelaziz Hashim s life and absence I have been resting as awareness, staying open and trusting I would instinctively know the image when it appeared, with no need to ponder or overthink it.

One very late, dark, night looking for a glass of water in an unlit room I saw a shaft of moonlight through the curtain's gap: a shaft of illumination cutting through the darkness.

The atmosphere was liminal, somehow sorrowful and desolate too, yet with an eerie glimmer of light -1 recognised it as an image that could evoke in some small way the indescribable tragedy of this man's absence, and the futility of trying to erase culture through intimidating and murdering academics.

I feel a strong connection to this man and his compatriots, and this is a small token of my respect and desire to remember him, his contribution as an educator and his sacrifice.

Lilla Duignan